1. Hello, if you go to Amazon.com and type Liporada on Books, you will find two of my books: Unauthrorized History of the Filipinos and Unholy Allied Mountains. I still retain copyrights of the books. I was wondering if you could have them also published in the Philippines so they become more affordable to the Filipinos and really reach their appropriate audience. The Unauthorized History of Filipinos seeks to explain why Filipinos are dubbed as slaves from the east and how they evolved as such. The Unholy Allied Mountains is an NPA story in the Cordilleras where there is an unholy alliance between Muslims and the Communist NPAs against lackeys of the Government in the area. Hope to hear from you.

  2. I would like to know if Aklat ng Bayan would be interested in a tagalog translation of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet that I have done( manuscript is ready).


  3. Supplier of DVD-R, Memory Cards, Flashdrive and other IT Products. Contacts us if you are interested to be our Dealer.

  4. Book Purchase Inquiry


    I am a self-published author and would like to ask if you are interested to purchase my book
    entitled, “Amazing Archipelago”

    You can visit this website for more information of the book:


    Thank you very much.

  5. Samuel M.Picardal

    hi! I’m an activist,figthing for the human rights..what mold me most are the teaching of Prof.JMS our Hero..i wish to have his books..



  6. Mitchell Yangson

    Hello. My name is Mitchell and I am the librarian of the Filipino American Center of the San Francisco Public Library. I would like to know how much you are selling the Philippine Society and Revolution in US dollars and if you have 3-4 copies available.

  7. I’d like to order 3 copies each of Vol. 2 and Vol. 4 of Jose Maria Sison’s books. Please advise availability. Please call (415 933-2274) or email at arkipelagobooks@yahoo.com, Much appreciate your kind attention to this matter. Marie

  8. Hi,

    I am basically interested for business reasons. I found your site:”http://aklatngbayan.org” really enchanting and would like to buy a number of text-links on your website. Let me know if you would like to hear more of this. I can offer you a good price.

  9. Greetings!

    I am Jade Chua, a student from the Ateneo de Manila University. I would like to know your telephone number so that I can call someone from your company. I am doing research project on the publishing companies in the country, that’s why I would like to talk to someone to help me with my research project.

    Thank you very much! Hoping for your response.

  10. Dear Aklat ng Bayan,

    I have a book proposal. It is a self-help book on how to study. I wonder why we are good as children then later in life we become corrupted. I remember my classmate who said that “honesty has its place in society but definitely not in the classroom.” Maybe it is while in school that children learn these ideas. If children were self-reliant then I think they need not copy. As a student, the problem was starting to take my studies seriously. I didn’t know how to start so there were a lot of frustrations and stops along the way. I was not the best in studying, but I eventually figured it out the hard way. I graduated at the lowest 1/3 of the class during high school. But, by constant study during college and persistence I was able be a Top 2 in medical school. Although I never graduated with honors, I think my learnings along the way can orient students who desire to start studying seriously so that they wouldn’t start and feel frustrated and lose that desire. I know our education system is good. Nurses are in demand abroad. But, maybe this book proposal can help. I have finished writing around 40,000 words. Some publishers found it good; but, they are not in their publishing thrust. I found something missing in it so I have been writing lately the basics and an overview of studying. The ideal reader is someone who intends to start studying seriously. This may be a 3rd year high school student or a college student. There will be tips for the more experienced student. I intend to finish this manuscript with the idea of describing the basics, developing values, and sharing tools for success. The outline is written below. Part one is about tactics, strategy, and execution. Part two is about values, tools, and tips. The outline is written below.

    Part 1:
    The basics (from reading to test taking)
    50 words (Kaizen, street-smart. wisdom)
    Quotations as nuggets of wisdom
    Strategies for reading a difficult text
    10 situations to analyze and reflect upon
    (Example is what if you start the semester without books?)

    Part II
    Chapter I Goal Setting, Goal Getting and Motivation
    Factors Affecting Student’s Success

    Chapter II Discipline and Time Management
    Time Mangement
    Being Effective and Paretto’s Principle
    Murphy’s Laws

    Chapter III Honesty in Learning
    What is Learning?
    Learning How to Learn
    Keeping a Learning Log
    Don’t do These (Cheating)
    Test-taking Tips
    Mnemonic Techniques
    The 5 Ws of Attention
    How to Cram
    How to Stay up Late and Longer
    Learning in the Age of Technology

    Chapter IV
    How to Relax

    Chaper V Faith

    Chapter VI Change
    How to Change


    The first reflection starts with this:
    1st reflection: If you have played a sport like basketball or chess, imagine how defense and offense are needed. Can you always be on the offensive end? On the defensive end? Picture it out in your mind or watch television. I am helping you to make an analogy. You think with your experiences. Now, reflect at your past experiences in school. Does it make sense to improve your defense too? Have this thought experiment: imagine this you study for weeks and the night before very hard and at long hours. You really intend to score very high at it. You repeatedly read it let’s say 10 times and did lots of exercises and self-testing, oral and written. You are sure that you know the specific topic inside out. On the day of exam, you came to class late for an important exam because of let’s say traffic. “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible moment.” (Murphy’s Law) One of the students is out of the testing room by the time you came in. The teacher would not give you the test because he finished so early (15 minutes ago) and that the teacher does not want to invalidate the exam because of a possible leakage. How would the teacher know you did not ask for a leakage? There are no video cameras, and it is possible that you can text. Or what if during your board exam, your cellular phone rang?

    Will you be interested?
    Sincerely yours,
    Jasper Jaen

  11. pls reproduce makibaka para sa pambansang demokrasya. hindi na kasi nag produce ung avhrc thanks

  12. we are interested in publisher the jm sison books, in spain, and in spanish, is possible???
    templando el acero editorial

  13. Jan Vic Ayson

    Hello comrades. I want also to know where is the branch of the Aklat ng Bayan. I want to see the books, such as PSR, PEP, KRP :). These works of Prof. Sison were still relevant.

  14. Paano po mag oorder ng book ng Philippine Society and Revolution?

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